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The Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology cooperation (known as FEAST) was an Australia-EU joint initiative that highlighted and promoted international research collaboration between Australia and Europe. It operated from 2001 until 2012.

Archives of the FEAST website can be found on the Pandora Archive of the National Library of Australia: nla.gov.au/nla.arc-35648, and official project information (for the three iterations of FEAST) can be found on the CORDIS website: FEAST, FEAST phase II, FEED.

A complete list of all FEAST publications can be found below.

Getting support

Individuals and institutions seeking information and support for collaborations with Europe – including funding sources and grant management – can contact Montroix Pty Ltd. They provide individualised consulting support, as well as training and literature relevant to European programs, particularly Horizon Europe.

They are also contracted by the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) to deliver professional development for research managers regarding international funding programs.


Below are a list of publications that were produced by FEAST.

Discussion papers

  • Testing metrics of openness and reciprocity to international collaboration against existing Australian programmes
    Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Glennie. Aus-Access4EU deliverable 1.8. December 2011.
  • From interoperability challenges to syncing opportunities: a pathway to global research
    Rado Faletič, Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Glennie, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks. FEAST Discussion Paper 7/11. June 2011.
  • The case for interoperability in global research
    Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Glennie, Rado Faletič, Dennis Rank, Christopher T. Hill. FEAST Discussion Paper 6/11. April 2011.
  • The Future of FEAST
    Rado Faletič, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks. FEAST Discussion Paper 5/11. April 2011.
  • Reconciling Quality and Quantity
    Rado Faletič. FEAST Discussion Paper 4/11. February 2011.
  • Monitoring report on the participation of EU researchers and institutes in Australian programmes
    Paul Harris, Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Glennie. Aus-Access4EU deliverable 1.3. November 2010.
  • A framework for analysing bilateral research cooperation agreements relating to reciprocity
    Mark Matthews, Merrilyn Fitzpatrick. Aus-Access4EU deliverable 1.1. November 2010.
  • Mapping Australia’s research strengths from an international perspective
    Mark Matthews, Bev Biglia, Kerrie Glennie, Paul Harris. Aus-Access4EU deliverable 1.4. November 2010.
  • Enhancing reciprocity in international cooperation in research: issues and metrics
    Mark Matthews, Paul Harris. Aus-Access4EU deliverables 1.2 & 1.7. June 2010.
  • Stocktake of Australian engagement with FP7
    Rado Faletič, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks. FEAST Discussion Paper 3/10. May 2010.
  • A comparison of Australian and European Union research performance profiles
    Mark Matthews, Bev Biglia, Bruce Murphy. FEAST Discussion Paper 2/09. November 2009.
  • A Bibliometric Analysis of Australia’s International Research Collaboration in Science and Technology: Analytical Methods and Initial Findings
    Mark Matthews, Bev Biglia, Kumara Henadeera, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks, Rado Faletič, Olivia Wenholz. FEAST Discussion Paper 1/09. March 2009.

Op Ed’s

Other publications

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