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We are engaged in a broad range of projects around research and higher education, and are available to support organisations with our expertise. The following offerings are our particular speciality.

ARMS Professional Level Accreditation Program: Understanding International Research Funding

As long-time contributors to improving insight and understanding around the research management of international grants, we are delivering the module on Understanding International Research Funding as part of the Professional Development Accreditation Program for the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS).

To enrol in this module visit the ARMS website for further information about dates, venues and cost:

Key opportunities for Australian researchers and innovators in the 2016-2017 calls from Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the largest research and innovation funding program in the world. It provides funds and instruments for the entire spectrum of research and innovation activities. These include, for example: individual fellowships, project grants, networking platforms, team-based collaborative research, research for policy, industrial research platforms, innovation management… and much more, in all discipline areas

Australian organisations (and individuals) are welcome to participate in most aspects of Horizon 2020, and stand to gain significant advancements by participating, including a slice of the €80 billion in available funding.

In order to assist Australian actors understand these opportunities we have produced a document that distils the enormous array of possibilities into an easy-to-read subset.

This document can be downloaded from:

‘Collaborating with Europe’ workshops

Our leadership in developing initiatives such as FEAST and COST highlights our expertise on how to collaborate with Europe’s large and diverse research landscape.

We have developed a range of workshops for research institutions outside of Europe wishing to draw on our extensive experience in order to more effectively approach their international collaborations with European partners. These include short targeted seminars to day-long interactive workshops. Our most popular workshop is our two hour presentation centred on Horizon 2020, the largest research funding program in the world.

Workshops can be tailored for different audiences (early-career researchers, senior researchers, research managers, executive teams, business groups) and target different needs (subject areas, mobility, career development, strategic matters, administrative details).

For further information and to discuss your specific needs contact us on

Risk Analysis in Wind Energy

In the domain of risk analysis in wind energy we closely cooperate with Dr Wolfgang Holstein, HMS Sachverständige Berlin. Dr Holstein is one the world’s leading expert in wind turbine blade quality assurance and risk analysis in wind energy installations.