FEAST publications

The Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology cooperation (also known as FEAST) was a Australia-EU joint initiative that highlighted and promoted research collaboration between Australia and Europe. It operated from 2001 until 2012 and was hosted by the Australian National University (ANU).

Below are a list of publications that were produced by FEAST.

Discussion papers

  • From interoperability challenges to syncing opportunities: a pathway to global research
    Rado Faletič, Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Glennie, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks. FEAST Discussion Paper 7/11. June 2011.
  • The case for interoperability in global research
    Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Glennie, Rado Faletič, Dennis Rank, Christopher T. Hill. FEAST Discussion Paper 6/11. April 2011.
  • The Future of FEAST
    Rado Faletič, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks. FEAST Discussion Paper 5/11. April 2011.
  • Reconciling Quality and Quantity
    Rado Faletič. FEAST Discussion Paper 4/11. February 2011.
  • A framework for analysing bilateral research cooperation agreements relating to reciprocity
    Mark Matthews, Merrilyn Fitzpatrick. Aus-Access4EU deliverable 1.1. November 2010.
  • Mapping Australia’s research strengths from an international perspective
    Mark Matthews, Bev Biglia, Kerrie Glennie, Paul Harris. Aus-Access4EU deliverable 1.4. November 2010.
  • Stocktake of Australian engagement with FP7
    Rado Faletič, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks. FEAST Discussion Paper 3/10. May 2010.
  • A comparison of Australian and European Union research performance profiles
    Mark Matthews, Bev Biglia, Bruce Murphy. FEAST Discussion Paper 2/09. November 2009.
  • A Bibliometric Analysis of Australia’s International Research Collaboration in Science and Technology: Analytical Methods and Initial Findings
    Mark Matthews, Bev Biglia, Kumara Henadeera, Jean-François Desvignes-Hicks, Rado Faletič, Olivia Wenholz. FEAST Discussion Paper 1/09. March 2009.

Op Ed’s

Other publications