Montroix Pty Ltd announces cooperation with Science Leads, based in Germany

April 2016

Today, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration between Science Leads, based in Berlin and Brussels, and Montroix, based in Canberra and Brisbane.

Science Leads is an expert in:

  • Strategy consulting in the area of science policy, international research cooperation and interdisciplinarity
  • Facilitating international conferences, scientific symposia, panel discussions, etc.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of research projects and programme
  • Creating innovative funding schemes to foster interdisciplinary research
  • Developing internationalisation strategies; more on

Montroix has extensive experience in:

  • Global knowledge platforms
    • Expert advisors on establishing and operating knowledge platforms
    • Assessment and evaluation of programs and projects
    • Communication and dissemination strategies
  • Enterprise/institution level insights
    • Development of institutional strategies
    • Delivery of institutional projects and programs
    • Impact studies & collaboration surveys
  • Education and training
    • Workshops for researchers and research managers on funding and strategies
    • Courses in science diplomacy and research policy; more on

Since both companies offer high quality services in similar fields, we have agreed to collaborate in our fields of expertise to broaden our collective reach and impact and extend our services.

Together we offer to prepare and conduct visits and fact-finding missions for individuals or delegations to some of the most innovative regions on the globe. We know the research and innovation landscapes in Germany, the broader Europe (in particular the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020) and Australia. Depending on your organisation’s strategic objectives, we identify the right people to meet and the relevant institutions to visit so that you will achieve your goals in the most productive and most efficient way. Based on our expertise and experience, we will organise your trip, prepare your agenda, set up your meetings and, if required, support you on the ground and during your meetings. We offer the complete package to make your international outreach a success.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: or